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 سجل الأن، لتكون أول الحاضرين 

Collage your Words

on Saturday June 27th (Ramadan 10)
10:00pm  1:00am

Collage your words workshop:
Combining short stories with characters made of mixed media; cut outs, pencil colors, markers...etc.
Age: 16+

You will learn:
Building easy story telling (intro climax resolution).
Learning the meaning of different shapes in character design. 

Attending workshop: 200 SR
Postcards of your creations during the workshop: Extra 100 SR
Please note that the deadline for payment is: THUR, JUNE 25th. 

Free goodie for you:
Rasmah wa Kilmah Eid greeting cards by Sarah Taibah.

All materials will be provided. 
We encourage to bring random scraps and cut outs for personalized and better results.

Spaces are limited, so hurry up and book.
Please note that your registration will not be confirmed until you complete the payment process. Once you fill out the form, you will be contacted with payment information. 

Summer/Ramadan Kids Playgroup and Activities

from June 14 (Sha’ban 26) 
to July 13 (Ramadan 26)
Spaces are limited, so hurry up and book.
Contact Ms Gada Alamdar +966-505901162 
or email us at

Age Group and Timings:
2 – 4 years: 11:30 a.m. – 02:00 p.m.
5 – 7 years: 03:00 p.m. – 05:30 p.m.

One Month: SR 1,350
Two Weeks: SR 800
* This is a non-profit initiative, we want to get our kids together for productive fun.

Arts and Crafts - Play Dough - Cupcake Frosting and Decoration - Movies - Prophet Storytelling - Qur’an Reciting - Acting and Small Plays - Planting - Singing and Dancing - Yoga

Ramadan Silent Meditation

This is the story of an ancient meditation technique named Vipassana, which shows people how to take control of their lives and channel them toward their own good.

Donations based, all goes to Nawa Space 
Nothing will be served only carpets, few pillows, who want water, extra pillows or blankets bring with them.   

Week 1 (1am - 2:30 am)
Week 2 (1am - 3 am)
Week 3 (1am - 3:30 am)
Week 4 (1am - 4 am)